About kiya washington

my story

A real-life journey that takes a shy young lady like me to step out of people’s shadows and do my own thing. That’s what made me write a  journal to express myself and not be judged by others. I knew that a teenager, I wanted to become an author and tell my story. Showing other young people it is ok to write their stories too.     

A few things about me

  • I enjoy shopping with my family and friends 
  • I like to read books
  • I make care packages for the homeless  
  • love listening to music and singing out loud in the house 
  • I love baking with my mother. 


Dear Black girls don’t be afraid to use your voice,  your thoughts opinions,  ideas are just as important as anybody else’s when you speak, speak with boldness and purpose, have the courage to be confident, and always be true to yourself! live your life fearlessly! your voice has  Great power don’t be afraid to utilize it when needed  you’re not  an angry black woman you’re a woman who has something important to say you’re voice matter and so do you


                     Hurtful honesty

                    Just tell the truth 

                           No father-daughter love 

                                Breaking friendship